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carpet waste horse arena footing

Is Carpet Waste Horse Arena Footing Harmful?

Reliable footing is an essential aspect of your horse’s’ performance and overall health. Today, several footing options are available to the equestrian community, including the prevalent carpet waste footing. Because of the material’s incredible comfort, many horse owners have chosen to put it into their arenas. However, what many equestrians are beginning to realize is …

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Horse Arena Dust Control Product

Horse Arena Dust Control: Solutions for Horse Owners

Are you having problems fighting with a horse arena that constantly produces dust? While the issue frustrates you in the present, a dusty outdoor or indoor arena can also have long-term consequences, such as causing your horse lung damage and severe respiratory problems. Solutions and Products to Deal with a Dusty Arena Unfortunately, it is …

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Riding Arena Size

Riding Arena Size

An indoor or outdoor riding arena is one of the most valuable assets any equestrian or horse owner can own. They gain the convenience to ride their horses whenever they wish at the location of their choice without relying on expensive training facilities and stingy farmers. Specifying the space to their animal’s needs as well …

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Arena Drag for ATV

Best Arena Drag for ATV

For professional equestrians, the proper equipment is key for their horse’s success. Items common to riders and horses such as saddles, reins and bridles must be of the highest quality to perform their best in competition. To those that wish to master training sessions at their at-home arena and take home state and national championship …

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