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Foam Footing

Arena Footing Additive

Innovative arena footing additive for the comfort
and safety of you and your horse

The Benefits of Foam Footing for your Arena


Let's face it...

Without properly prepared and maintained footing in your arena, your enjoyable riding experience can quickly turn into discomfort for both you and your horse.

Annoying distractions caused by the footing such as dust, special grooming equipment or schedules, lameness injuries, constant watering or even the duration of your training session could minimize your riding bliss.

Our company, made up of riders, trainers and product designers, knew there had to be a better solution. FoamFooting™ is an easy to apply arena footing additive that is effective for many different disciplines, geographies and can be used in outdoor arenas as well as indoors.

In fact, we have FoamFooting™ in riding facilities around the US that frequently experience temperatures of -10 to 115 degrees.

Once installed, the riders have personally described benefits such as:

  • softening the hoof’s impact
  • lessen the amount of dust
  • reducing the amount of watering
  • improved cushioning
  • longer training sessions
  • less frequent injuries
  • ... and happier horses. And we all know that happier horses make all of us happier riders. (Well, all bucking aside that is.)

    *note, FoamFooting™ shown is multi-colored. Single colors are available. The colors quickly fade into the sand after installation and several days of riding. Dogs love it too!

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    Transform your dressage arena, ride and comfort for as little as $1,995

    dressage footing virginia

    FoamFooting™ is conveniently priced at $75 per bag.
    Each bag weighs approximately 35 pounds for easy storage and installation.

    Footing Products to Use Individually or Together

    The example below shows how you can use them together to create a stable long-lasting riding arena with our FoamFooting™ or for roadways using geo-textile and geocell

    Alt Text!


    Add your sand or base footing material and mix in FoamFooting™

    Alt Text!

    BaseCore Geocell

    Fine crushed angular gravel is inserted & compacted into the BaseCore™ 

    Alt Text!

    Geotextile Fabric

    Roll your geotextile fabric over the flat and compacted ground

    Alt Text!

    How to Install Foam Footing

    FoamFooting™ is designed to be able to be easily installed without the need for professional help
    or the use of heavy equipment. In fact, unlike fiber footing additives, FoamFooting™ does not
    require the use of a special drag to keep maintained.


    Unpack the bags from the shipping pallets and place evenly across your arena. Space them approximately 10-12 feet apart from each other.


    With a box cutter or blade, cut the top of each bag in an X shape.


    Turn over each bag so that the FoamFooting™ is empties from each bag into the arena


    Spread out each pile of foam using a rake until it is covering the entire arena or desired space. Don’t worry about the explosion of colors though take some photos and share them us @performancefooting! (FoamFooting™ mixes in with your base sand material)


    Using your normal drag, thoroughly drag the arena or space until the FoamFooting™ is mixed with your base material. Note that it will take riding and use to fully mix in with your base.

    Ride, enjoy and share your photos and reviews with us on Facebook or Instagram!

    Kind words from our customers

    New Impulsion Solutions FOAM FOOTING in our indoor arena! Can’t wait to ride on it! 5 stars for this company! AFFORDABLE and amazing customer service. Easy and beautiful to Install. 3 of us girls got it done in no time!


    Great company to work with! They are very friendly and answered all my questions. They checked with me after my delivery to make sure everything was ok. Clients at the stable really like the footing. Great footing! I put it in my indoor arena and will be adding it to my outdoor in the future!


    Installed the geocell for our RV. It came packaged professionally with easy-to-use instructions. Saved us TONS of time and money and couldnt be happier.



    Our community ordered BaseCore for our common area park and couldnt be happier. It was cost effective, saved us money on gravel and installation, and our buying experience couldnt be easier. They answered our questions and shipped our order the next day.