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Arena Dragster

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Engineered for Efficient Performance. The Arena Dragster is designed to pull behind ATVs, UTVs, Garden and Compact Tractors. The Dragster features a revolutionary Depth Control System which gives you power to control your arena depth over the entire surface. The swept tine design enables the Dragster to be an aggressive groomer for sandy and sandy-loam arena conditions. With the Easy-to-Use Side-Wind Jack, adjust your Dragster grooming depth in one simple movement, dramatically enhancing the floating and leveling finish on your arena. The Result: Consistent, level ground every use.

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  • Arena Dragster is designed to be pulled behind an ATV, UTV, Garden Tractor, or Compact Tractor.
  • Tines are offset on 2.5″ spacings for optimal grooming coverage.
  • Each tine breaks new ground and is swept forward to increase the cutting force of the Dragster, compared to a standard harrow.
  • Five linear surfaces consist of the rear Arena Comb and Four Harrow Tine Bars, which dramatically enhance the floating and leveling capabilities of the Dragster.
  • Performance’s Revolutionary Depth Control system adjusts your Dragster using a heavy duty 5000 lb. Side-Wind Jack.- The Arena Comb is designed to follow the contour of your arena surface, smoothing and leveling your ground.
  • Your Dragster can be adjusted between 0″ – 4″.
  • Harrow Tines are 5/8″x7.5″ long, hardened, steel spikes, and easily replaced.
  • 1 – 6″ rear Arena Comb is laser cut from 1/4″ plate steel and is easily replaceable.
  • Frame is constructed from laser cut 1/4″ steel plate for years of dependable service.
  • Comes with an adjustable hitch to align with virtually any pull vehicle.
  • 8″x2″ No Scuff Wall Wheel, to help navigate your arena, is mounted at the front and can be mounted on either side.
  • 10″x4″ Flat Free tires are located inside the frame for optimal Dragster coverage. Therefore, they do not leave an imprint in the arena.
  • Two sizes to choose from: 64″ & 76″ wide.
  • Durable black paint finish.


QD Model Recommended Power Width Length
CADSTR 64 600cc / 19hp 64″ 62.5″
CADSTR 76 600cc / 19hp 76″ 62.5″

2 reviews for Arena Dragster

  1. Stephanie

    Great drag for my barn. well built and great price and service

  2. Jacki G

    What a difference in the footing! It’s like riding on a cloud! It fluffs it perfectly! Everyone is ecstatic!

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Arena Drag Hitch

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    Stable footing contributes to the safety, performance and longevity of your horse.

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    A well-worn path or depression is bound to cause harm. Creating a dragging habit is healthy for your horses, riders and overall arena maintenance.

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    Timing is everything. It is better to drag more than necessary than to neglect the task. Regardless of whether you have natural or sythetic footings, ruts can easily form, and the deeper they become the harder they are to fix.

How Often Should I Drag My Arena?

It depends, how many horses use the arena? If there is just one horse, dragging every 2-3 days should adequately redistribute and level the footing. The more horses you have, the more often you will need to drag. The important thing is to keep the arena surface as level as possible.

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