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BaseCore HD™ Geocell

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BaseCore™ HD is a collapsible geo-cell that allows your base to be spread over a large area, evenly distributing weight and preventing shifting. With smaller cells than its BaseCore™ counterpart, BaseCore™ HD provides an even stronger base.

BaseCore™ HD is effective when building the bases around homes, farms, and horse facilities. Traditionally used for roadways or military applications, BaseCore™ HD provides a strong base you can trust.

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Cell Dimension 8” x 7.4”
Cell Height 3”
Material Thickness 2.6 mm
Panels per Bundle 2 or 6
Square Foot per Bundle 108 or 324 square feet
Expanded Size 6′ x 9′ 3″
Lifespan 100+ Lifespan

4 reviews for BaseCore HD™ Geocell

  1. Karrin

    Got this stuff for my round pen in and no more water sitting around. Jennifer was a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend

  2. Brian

    Finally got rid of mud in the paddock. Used another product for one light foot but this stuff is way better for delivery and price.

  3. bobby.v

    solid stuff. Easy to install

  4. marcy.d

    Had our guys put it down around the barn and works perfect. Just bought more to add a parking pad for under our trailers now!

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