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Geotextile Fabric

Landscape fabric for ground stabilization, weed
control and more

The Benefits of Geotextile

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Another key benefit of non woven geotextile fabric, is that is prevents the mixing of a subgrade and an aggregate material. In the design of an arena for example, it prevents your compacted gravel from seeping into the ground, therefore stabilizing the overall footing base.

This helps to ensures the longevity of your arena, turnouts, paddocks or other areas where you may be installing proper footing.

Do you experience cold climates? Geotextile fabric is the same material used to protect plants from frost only much thicker. It has been shown by the US Army Corps of Engineers to mitigate frost heave when studying underlying soils. This helps stop the formation of holes or uneven foundations caused by temperature changes and erosion form the rain, snow and wind.

At Performance Footing, we offer non woven geoxtextile fabric for use around your farm, arena or equestrian center. Non woven geotextiles have historically been used for filtration and erosion control and have many other beneficial characteristics which work in combination with our BaseCore™ geocells.

We offer geotextile fabric that is strong, puncture and UV resistant, and allows water flow. These features help to prevent weeds, mildew, freezing and thawing resistance and rot. Nonwoven geotextiles mean that a stronger foundation can be made with fewer materials. Like our BaseCore™ geocells, geotextile fabric stabilizes the ground by spreading loads over a larger area. By being lighter, less expensive, and thinner than layers of gravel, it makes financial and environmental sense to use this around your barn, stables and arenas.

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Technical Specs

For the more technical, our geotextile fabric is made of 5.9oz polypropylene (PET) fabric that is needle-punched and 1.6mm thick. It is extremely strong, with a tensile strength of 2246lbs, UV resistant, puncture strength of 404 lbs and has a water flow rate of 62 gallons/min per square foot.

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How to Install Geotextile


Pricing and Size

We only offer one size and type of geotextile, as it has been found to be most effective for our clients and their use cases. The technical specs are listed above.

Geotextile fabric comes in white and is conveniently priced at $125/per roll of 3 feet x 328 feet