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Water Carts


Engineered for Efficient Performance. The Water Cart is designed to pull behind ATVs, UTVs, Garden, and Compact Tractors. The Cart features an easy-to-use control system for managing how much water is distributed over your arena from the back of the unit. The system allows you to apply water evenly and reduce dust

A garden hose connection located on the tank provides additional watering for troughs or nearby foliage. The Water Cart is gravity fed and able to operate without a PTO drive. The Result: Optimum footing performance and less dust.

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– Pull behind ATV / UTV, Compact or Garden Tractor.
– Arrives assembled and ready to use.
– Water is dispersed at the back of the unit for watering roads, arenas, or pastures.
– A Garden Hose connection allows for additional watering from water troughs to plants. trees or shrubs.
– Control the water flow on a scale of 0 to 10 from low flow to high flow, depending on your watering needs.
– Separate On – Off handle allows you to leave your water flow once established.
– Available with tank sizes, 55 imp. gal, 100 imp. gal and 200 imp. gal.
– Gravity fed, a PTO drive is not required.


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A well-watered arena:

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    Keeps footing at its peak.

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    Protects your horse from injury and increases performance.

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    Reduces dust, protecting you, your horses, and riders from breathing in footing particles that can cause heaves in horses and respiratory illness in humans.

How Often Should I Water My Arena?

It depends on the type of footing and additives in your arena. Reduced watering is dependent on the proper blend of materials in your arena’s base. The important thing is to keep your footing moist enough to remain at its peak while not over watering and causing puddling.

Pro Tip: our DustHalt and FoamFooting products can help reduce dust and the need for frequent watering.

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