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Do you have questions about footing or our footing solutions? Let’s try to get them answered for you. And if we are not able to get them answered, you are more than welcome to chat, call or fill out a contact form and we will get back in touch with your promptly.

If you have specific questions about our products, you can find the most commonly asked questions and answers on their individual pages. For specific details, you can go to:

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Kind words from our customers

New Impulsion Solutions FOAM FOOTING in our indoor arena! Can’t wait to ride on it! 5 stars for this company! AFFORDABLE and amazing customer service. Easy and beautiful to Install. 3 of us girls got it done in no time!


Great company to work with! They are very friendly and answered all my questions. They checked with me after my delivery to make sure everything was ok. Clients at the stable really like the footing. Great footing! I put it in my indoor arena and will be adding it to my outdoor in the future!


Installed the geocell for our RV. It came packaged professionally with easy-to-use instructions. Saved us TONS of time and money and couldnt be happier.



Our community ordered BaseCore for our common area park and couldnt be happier. It was cost effective, saved us money on gravel and installation, and our buying experience couldnt be easier. They answered our questions and shipped our order the next day.