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The Benefits of Dust Halt
Low-maintenance; eco-friendly; pet safe.

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Dust Halt


Dust Halt is a pet-friendly and eco-friendly footing additive that helps coat your arena material to bind dust to your footing. Dust Halt accomplishes this by giving your dust a negative charge, attracting it back to your footing without causing clumps or excess water retention.

Due to this innovative technology, a single application of Dust Halt lasts for up to 16 months, making it a cost effective and low-maintenance choice for arenas of all sizes. Application only takes 2 hours.

1 bucket covers 20,000 Square feet.

Availability: 300 in stock

DustHalt is an effective and eco-friendly solution to dry, dusty arenas. The way most dust control agents work is through clumping arena footing together. While this gives the appearance of less dust, the results are temporary and often disturb the composition of your arena soil. DustHalt works differently.

DustHalt doesn’t rely on clumping your footing together. Instead, this product coats the individual footing particles and causes them to retain more moisture on their own. This feature not only improves the texture of your footing, it reduced the need of watering by up to 50%. Since a single treatment of DustHalt lasts for approximately 16 months, this makes it a cost effective choice for even the busiest arenas.


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Reduces Impact


Reduce Watering


Reduces Maintenance

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DustHalt works by charging the dust in your arena to a negative pole. This results in the dust getting drawn toward your existing footing, meaning less of it gets kicked up into the air.

This technology does a few things for new and old footing alike.

First, DustHalt makes the overall riding conditions of your arena safer for the health of you and your horse, as neither of you will inhale the large particles of sand found in the air of dusty arenas.

Second, DustHalt will improve the condition of your arena footing, allowing you to have better performance overall whether in dressage, barrel racing, lessons, or even casual leisure riding.

Finally, DustHalt allows the fibers in your arena to better retain the right amount of moisture. This means not only will you water less, but you will likely experience less flooding as well.

Maintaining the correct soil composition is one of the most important tasks of maintaining an arena. With the health and authentic performance of your horses in the balance, making sure you have the very best in footing additives is a must for any equestrian.

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Prep footing


Moisten footing if dry as slight moisture is all that is needed.

If the footing is dry, DustHalt will fall through the footing to the base and be difficult to activate. If footing is too wet – it is difficult to mix into the footing.

Groom the top surface of the footing

NOTE: Do not harrow or groom more than 1” to 1.5” deep.

Apply - Groom - Apply


Set spreader to smallest hole. Spread instructed amount on your arena surface using a handheld broadcast seeder or large rubber tire push spreader.

Lightly groom the surface – ideally no deeper than 1”.

Fully Soak to the base. Soak the footing in a way that you do not puddle, but ensure footing is fully soaked. Groom vigorously to base.

Water - Wait & Ride!


Following Day: Sprinkle the surface of footing with water.

You will not need to water as much or as long as when you installed.

Vigorously groom the footing to complete the application process.

Time to go and ride!