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About Performance Footing


Behind Performance Footing


Performance Footing is a family owned and operated business with
locations in Arizona and California. We strive to operate a lean and
agile company so that we can pass the savings onto our clientele
around the United States.

Agile refers to our ability to leverage our equestrian passion in the
service we provide, products we develop and sell and the response
times in which we respond.

Learn about our Vision, Mission and Values


To enhance the joy of riding to a worldwide


To develop and offer affordable footing
solutions that improve the safety and comfort
for horses and humans.


We understand:

We are horse owners, riders,
product designers and trainers. With over 40 years including: riding at the FEI level, becoming a L-judge, 5 time Young Riders champion, and currently riding and teaching daily


We are passionate:

We look for ways to improve the joy of riding. We are in it daily, and are passionate about learning and growing the sport.


We test ourselves:

We ride and test in climates from below 0 degrees to 120 degrees. Having the ability to be in such diverse climates and conditions
of knowledge to better our products and offerings.


We listen:

To feedback, ideas and for ways to improve. We know we don’t know everything and are always looking for ways to improve us and to help more people in their passion for riding.


We offer affordability

We want our solutions and products to be affordable. We are creative in how we approach problems and develop solutions.

Kind words from our customers

New Impulsion Solutions FOAM FOOTING in our indoor arena! Can’t wait to ride on it! 5 stars for this company! AFFORDABLE and amazing customer service. Easy and beautiful to Install. 3 of us girls got it done in no time!


Great company to work with! They are very friendly and answered all my questions. They checked with me after my delivery to make sure everything was ok. Clients at the stable really like the footing. Great footing! I put it in my indoor arena and will be adding it to my outdoor in the future!


Installed the geocell for our RV. It came packaged professionally with easy-to-use instructions. Saved us TONS of time and money and couldnt be happier.



Our community ordered BaseCore for our common area park and couldnt be happier. It was cost effective, saved us money on gravel and installation, and our buying experience couldnt be easier. They answered our questions and shipped our order the next day.