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BaseCore™ Geocell


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The Benefits of BaseCore™

Protect your investment. After spending time and money on your driveway, path, arena or parking pad, go the extra step to protect it from washing or blowing away in a heavy rainstorm. BaseCore™ prevents this problem.

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BaseCore™ Geocell


BaseCore™ is a collapsible geo-cell typically used for roadways or military applications, but we find the same material to be effective for many areas around homes, farms and horse facilities.

The engineered structure of BaseCore™ helps spread any applied weight over a greater area.

Material HDPE
Cell Dimesion 6” x 6”
Cell Height 3”
Material Thickness 2.6 mm
Tensile Strength 19.5 Mpa
Seam Weld Strength 2175N
Size Per Panel 16.2 lbs
Panels per Bundle 2
Square Foor per Bundle 98 square feet
Expanded Size 6′ feet 4″ x 8 feet
Lifespan 100+ Lifespan
Chemical Resistant
Easily Dismantled and Re-usable


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Reduces Impact


Reduce Watering


Reduces Maintenance

Expanded area of one panel 1 1 (2)

For areas where you experience poor or unstable soil, BaseCore™ eliminates further erosion and allows for immediate foot, horse or vehicle traffic mobility. It acts like rebar to reinforce the ground.

This translates to benefits for many areas around your home, barn or farm. The perforation (holes) in the BaseCore™ allow water to move freely without washing out the material, thereby protecting your top soil, footing base or arena footing additive.

BaseCore™ saves you time and money. It reduces the amount of fill that is needed to form a strong base thereby reducing the amount of manpower needed to spread it. Additionally, the excavation depth using geo-cells is ⅓ of what it would be using other materials, like gravel.

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How Strong is BaseCore™?

BaseCore™ is made of an extremely thick gauge high density polyethylene (HDPE) giving it excellent resistance to all common elements found in soils as well as protection against ultraviolet degradation.

The BaseCore™ geocell features a very high tensile strength to withstand large amounts of lateral force and is effective in all climates. It is engineered to support the use of military equipment, semi-trucks, heavy foot traffic and, of course, your horses.

BaseCore™ Geocell Applications

Using BaseCore™ geocell gives propery owners peace of mind. Feel confident knowing your investment is protected during extensive usage, storms, and other unforeseen events.

Arena Base
Arena Base

BaseCore™ stengthens and protects the foundation of your arena. Allow BaseCore™ to do the work, while you enjoy the ride.

Embankment Reinforcement
Embankment Reinforcement

BaseCore™ protects your embankment from erosion by provdiing a structure that protects the integrity of your berms.

Mud Prevention
Mud Prevention

Don’t let one big storm become financial disaster, as well as delay your ability to ride. BaseCore™ prevents your foundation from washing away.

How to Install BaseCore™

Like all of our products, BaseCore™ is designed to be installed easily without the need for heavy equipment. The flat packages easily expand to a sturdy 6 x 9 foot section that will secure to adjoining panels.


BaseCore panels
Locking clips (included)
½” or smaller angular crushed gravel (approx. 1-2 yards per panel)
Scissors or utility knife
Hammer and stakes (*optional)
Equipment to spread gravel
Plate compactor (*optional available for rent at many nearby rental stores)
Optional (but recommended): Geotextile fabric
Expanded area of one panel 3 1