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BaseEdge HD Steel Edging

(5-panel bundle) 20 total feet

Starting at$139.95

5 packs of 14-Gauge Cor-ten Steel Edging.
These metal edgings are ideal to deliver that appealing and state-of-art look you wish for your horse facilities, open areas, gardens, pavers, driveways, and more.

  • Quick installation, Hammer-in
  • Versatile, Light & Flexible Steel
  • Sleek Natural finish
  • Maximize weed & mud control
  • Group 1443

    Free Universal Connectors

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A man using a hammer to fix a pipe in the grass.

Professional-grade Landscaping Doesn’t Have to be Complicated.

That’s why our versatile commercial-grade Metal Landscaping Edging has been custom-tailored in heavy duty 14 gauge steel to deliver maximum support for any area in your horses’ facility.


  • Material: Corten Steel
  • 14-Gauge Galvanized Steel Edging - provides first-rate resistance and light weight combined:
  • Measurements:
    • Height: 6inch. or 8inch.
    • Width: 48 Inch
    • Thickness 0.0785inch
    • Weight: 3.202 lb/ft²
  • Pieces included: 5 (total of 20 feet)
  • Shipping: Our Shipping Promise
  • Promotion Included: 50% off Shipping + Free Pack of universal Connectors

Why Choose Performance Footing

Steel Landscape Edging…

Heavy Duty Icon

14 gauge Corten steel
edging is created using heavy-duty galvanized steel that stands up against the elements for long-term durability, even in harsh weather conditions

Flexibility Icon

Premium metal lawn
edging provides seamless flexibility that you can adapt to projects of all shapes and sizes.

Natural Finish Icon

Sleek natural finish
adds instant curb appeal to your property and effortlessly blends in with all design aesthetics.

Weed Control Icon

Built-in weed control
and mud management that prevents dangerous build-up from impacting the health and safety of your animals.

Hammer Icon

D.I.Y. hammer-in
steel edging makes the installation process quick and simple, no matter what your construction skills look like.

Top-Notch Steel Edging made of COR-TEN®

A special steel alloy that has a weathered, rusty-orange look perfect to match any surface and harsh weather conditions. These steel sheets act as robust borders to delimitate and keep in place any material inside a landscape, area, or soil.

Main Attributes

A man is laying down a plastic liner on a grassy area.
  • Group 141

    Quick and simple installation process, Hammer-in installation

  • Group 145

    Versatile & Flexible Steel adapts to projects of all shapes

  • Group 143

    Sleek Natural finish blends in with all design aesthetics

  • Group 144

    Maximize weed control and mud management

  • Group 142

    Comfortable: Light steel sheets with extreme durability

Stabilize Your Pathways, Driveways,
Paddocks and more!



Starting at$72.00

Add Basecore™, to control erosion and
drainage of your soils.


Starting at$88.00

Geotextile Fabric incorporates maximum drainage, weed
and mud control, when combined with any
BaseCore option.

Basecore™ + Geotextile

Add Basecore™ + Geotextile, this combination works for maximum drainage, weed, and mud control.

Meet The All-In-One

Arena Maintenance Solution

Discover the difference that metal edging can make in your barn, livestock stable, riding arena, and every area in between. Some Applications:

Keeping your livestock healthy starts with maintaining a clean, mud-free living area. Our flexible steel edging helps prevent mud and other hazardous elements from infiltrating your space, reducing your long-term maintenance costs.

No matter what type of riding your horses practice, metal landscape edging is an easy way to create safe, effective training areas that are built to last for countless seasons to come, all with one simple installation.

One of the most challenging aspects of equestrian maintenance is keeping your feeding areas free from dirt and other harmful substances. With steel edging, you can streamline your feeding zones and spend less time cleaning up the unwanted mess.

Delight your visitors with cutting-edge views and tidy areas that provide comfort and relaxation.

noteNote: Sharp edges can impact horses and humans health. Please keep sharp objects away from animals and humans alike.

Allow Yourself to Provide an Elegant Touch to your Facilities with Steel Edging borders.

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