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Noviun Fiber Footing

Original price was: $5.25.Current price is: $4.99./lb


Original price was: $5.25.Current price is: $4.99./lb

The 100% organic fiber footing blended with natural elastomers to reduce dust and concussion on tracks, arenas and pens.

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Introducing the First Sustainable High Performance Footing Additive

Reduce your water and carbon footprint with plastic-free footing that's good for your horses and our environment with plant-based Noviun. This performance fiber footing is an all-natural blend of fibers and elastomers designed to reinvigorate sand arenas and tracks to world-class riding surfaces, by providing superior traction and grip with natural absorption and cushioning.

The first industry solution to decrease concussion and increase absorption better than conventional synthetic geotextiles and fibers like European or German geotextiles, while eliminating microplastic contamination from your footing and surrounding air and watershed.

Noviun is compatible with a wide range of sand and environments and differs from man-made alternatives as the natural fibers act like a root structure, binding to your sand.

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Benefits of Noviun™ Fiber

Once Noviun™ Fiber Footing is installed, riders have described the following benefits:

Natural Absorption and Cushioning Icon

Natural Absorption
and Cushioning

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Indoor or Outdoor Usage

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High Water

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Dust Reduction

Dust Reduction Icon

Dust Reduction

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Premier Cushioning and Stability

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All-Weather Compatible

What is "Green" Arena Footing?

Plastic can be found in many footing additives. The goal when developing Noviun, was to displace the hundreds of thousands of pounds of plastic in arenas while increasing the performance and ensuring longevity compared to current plastic-based solutions. To make the first sustainable footing solution for arenas and horse racetracks.

Industry fibers are made of polypropylene or other man-made synthetics like those used to make carpet. These waste textiles, carpets or even virgin textiles have been found to provide structure to the sand, yet come at a high environmental cost. A typical 100 x 200 foot arena would use about 15,000 pounds of this plastic fiber which is equivalent to almost 500 thousand water bottles worth of plastic.

When adding plastic textiles to your footing, the plastic degrades into micro and nano plastic environmental pollution. After each rain or irrigation, it would cause an estimated 14 billion of these microplastic fibers to be shed into the surrounding ground and watershed. Thanks to the research and testing with NFW on natural fiber welding and industry arena expertise of long-time arena builder and consultant, Dan Carr, Noviun has now taken the market from geotextile and fiber based footing alternatives to allow for a green footing option.

How Much Noviun™ Fiber Footing Do I Need for My Arena?

A little goes a long way, when using Noviun fiber footing. Unlike geotextile and fiber additives made from plastics and synthetics, a fraction of the weight of Noviun is recommended to produce superior results.

Use our arena footing calculator to provide you with estimated volumes and costs, based on your unique riding discipline and levels. As with all footing additives, there is no exact measurement that works for everyone, but we provide an ideal starting point and opt to select more based on your unique feedback desired.

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Noviun™ Natural Fiber Footing FAQs

Noviun can be easily installed without the need for outside help. It can be done one of three ways. 1.) use a manure spreader (fastest) 2.) pitch fork throwing 3.) put in tractor bucket and shake out then even it out a bit by hand. You can then simply rake it in, drag it in, or use a harrow.

Use Noviun™ Fiber with Our Best Selling
Products for Enhanced Results


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Add BaseCore™, to control erosion and
drainage of your soils.


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and UV resistant, and allows water flow

Footing Products to
Use Individually or Together

You can use different footing products together to create a stable, long-lasting surface that will provide multiple benefits to your riding arena or roadways.

Noviun™ Fiber
Add your sand or base footing material and mix in Noviun™ Fiber
A diagram showing the flow of water.
BaseCore Geocell
Fine crushed angular gravel is inserted & compacted into the BaseCore™ geocell
A black sheet of paper with holes on it.
Geotextile Fabric
Roll your geotextile fabric over the flat and compacted ground
A black and white image of a black and white image of a black and white image of a black and white image of a.

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Our experts can discuss all the footing options and help you determine the best product and quantity for your specific arena and budget.

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  1. Avatar of Jennifer Benoit-Wellington

    Jennifer Benoit-Wellington

    To say that I am particular about the footing for my dressage horses is an understatement! I always loved GGT footing and as a Grand Prix rider and trainer as well as a licensed “S” dressage judge, I am very familiar with the other products on the market. When I learned about Nuvian footing, I was quite skeptical about the science behind its binding technology and wondered if it was just another “green” product that wouldn’t perform well enough to be competitive. I am beyond thrilled with the results we have experienced at my training facility! My FEI level horses feel like they are on a trampoline. My clients say it’s like riding on a cushion. The horses are more consistently connected and moving with elasticity! Do yourself and your horses a great service and get Nuvian footing!

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