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Ready to ride more and water less? How about water NONE? ArenaGreen is a low-maintenance footing (not an additive) that is an asset for any arena. Non-synthetic and non-oil based, it eliminates irrigation or water usage while improving consistency and traction in existing or new equestrian surfaces. ArenaGreen is made of entirely organic material, making it suitable for horses and good for the environment. The footing requires nothing to be added and sits directly on your arena base, making it cost-effective. Completely dust-free and waterless. The result: reduced maintenance, no dust and increased performance.

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Waterless Dust-Free Arena Footing

Introducing ArenaGreen, a revolutionary, environmentally responsible footing option designed for both indoor and outdoor arenas. It stands out as a unique blend, offering performance stability that caters to a wide range of riding disciplines. Whether you're into dressage, hunter, jumpers, western, or simply seeking a dust-free solution, ArenaGreen is tailored to meet your needs.

What is Arena Green?

ArenaGreen is a non-synthetic footing blend that prioritizes environmental sustainability and performance. Made with a combination of performance fiber, sub-angular sand, and a proprietary coating, it promises to reduce concussion, enhance stability, and improve traction control. It's not just another arena surface; it's a natural solution that ensures consistent footing all year round. Plus, with its dynamic properties, it offers optimal shear and cushion during both takeoff and landing for jumpers as well as ensuring premium quality for all work on the flat.

How Does Arena Green Work?

Upon delivery, you'll find ArenaGreen premixed, bagged, and ready to install. Its composition eliminates the need for any additional sand or top footing. Designed for direct installation on a free-draining base, it alleviates the hassles of constant maintenance.

The Environmental and Performance Edge

Water Conservation: ArenaGreen effectively reduces the need for water, eliminating the costs and environmental impact associated with complete irrigation systems.

Dust Elimination: Say goodbye to dusty arenas. ArenaGreen's design ensures a dust-free riding experience every time.

Biorenewable Components: Absent of polymers or wax, the organic binding agent in ArenaGreen is 99% biorenewable, aligning with eco-conscious practices.

Unmatched Quality: If you're considering building a new arena, ArenaGreen should be at the top of your list. With no need for water, ever, and availability alongside other quality footings through Performance Footing, it's a game-changer in the world of equestrian surfaces.

ArenaGreen is not just an arena footing; it's a statement of care – for the environment, for performance, and for the love of the sport. Choose ArenaGreen and experience the future of equestrian footings today.

Once ArenaGreen is installed, riders have described the following benefits:
  • No dust.

  • Eliminates the need for watering.

  • Improved cushion.

  • Eliminates the need for additional additives.

  • Sits directly on arena base.

  • Creates optimal sheer.

No! ArenaGreen eliminates the need for watering expenses or installing any irrigation.

Entire Footing (no sand needed)
for $4.50 a square foot!

Installed in Private and Public Arenas Worldwide

ArenaGreen helped three arenas earn top scores for footing on the NARG 2020 Venue Rankings Report!
This fine footing material is manufactured in locations near you in order to control the consistency and quality. See some of the facilities using ArenaGreen.

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1 review for ArenaGreen

  1. cindy.m

    If you are looking for amazing footing and comfort and dont want to spend the $$$ for a nice irrigation setup, get this. No watering no dust and amazing service.

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