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BaseCore™ Geo-Cell

A heavy rainstorm can wipeout a driveway, path, arena, or parking pad. A collapsible geo-cell (normally a roadway or military additive) can solve this problem. For areas with poor or unstable soil, BaseCore™ eliminates further erosion and allows for immediate foot, vehicle or horse mobility, giving you peace of mind.


Geotextile Fabric

Geotextile fabric is a landscape fabric that provides ground stabilization and prevents weeds, mildew, freezing and thawing resistance and rot. Because it is lighter, less expensive, and thinner than layers of gravel, it makes financial and environmental sense to use it around your barn, stables and arenas.

Arena Dust Prevention

Having an arena that it too dusty presents a unique combination of challenges to an equestrian. Not only does it create a messy arena, the added dust poses a health problem to both you and your horse.

DustHalt is a product developed to provide a safe, effective, and low-maintenance form of dust control to protect the health and happiness of horses and riders alike.



Stable footing increases your riding enjoyment and reduces the annoying distractions of dust, special grooming equipment and constant watering, among other interruptions.

FoamFooting™ is an easy to apply arena footing additive that is effective, decorative and usable for both indoor and outdoor arenas.

Arena Drags & Groomers

With regular usage, your arena can become uneven, creating a potentially hazardous surface. The footing will become depressed in the areas where the horses run and jump more frequently. This will cause your horse to underperform, or worse, cause injury.

WIth a drag, you can evenly distrbute the materials, and dislodge mateials that have bonded together.



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Whether your arena is indoors or outdoors, the footing you choose will affect horse performance. Understanding how your horse moves, being knowledgeable about surface properties, and selecting the proper footing for your horse will impact their health and execution. The Properties of Footing Surface properties can have a significant effect on your horse. No matter …

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Horse Arena Hazards and Safety

Whether you are looking into building an arena or merely maintaining one, there are several things to consider that can impact your horse, horse trainer, and rider’s safety. Your arena consists of layers that can create a safe and enjoyable riding experience when combined correctly. Some of the factors that can impact an arena to …

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Horse Biomechanics: The Key to Optimal Performance

Understanding equestrian biomechanics is understanding the biological movements that contribute to the riding process. The act of riding a horse is challenging and unnatural for both the horse and rider. The sport itself demands a great deal from both its participants, bringing to light questions regarding the most effective methods of training, riding, and how …

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How to Build a Round Horse Pen

Horse pens are a valuable training tool for many equestrians, allowing for a smaller space to work with your horse when an arena is too large to fit your needs. Not only does it allow for better focus, but similarly allows easier guidance of your horse with tools best used in smaller spaces, such as …

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Yoga Mat Arena Footing

For many, reading anything about practicing yoga on an equestrian blog is going to create some confusion. Yoga might be good for the body and mind, but what does it have to do with horses? The answer to this question rests in the mats. While a relatively new material, yoga mat footing is proving a …

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Mixing The Best Footing For Horse Arenas

When we think of the perfect arena footing, we think of a top footing that clumps together easily, has a little give, and can retain just enough moisture to ward off excessive arena dust. This consistency helps cushion your horse’s movement while giving them support and much needed traction. Unfortunately, the perfect arena footing is …

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Foam Footing vs GGT Footing

No arena has the perfect footing. A constant work in progress, good equestrians regularly scan the internet for options on what to add to constantly improve their arena surface. This includes selecting materials that stabilize the sand, offer firmness, cushioning, and can serve for a multitude of riding styles. As riders, we have tried our …

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Foam Footing vs Trutex Footing

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor arena, making sure your footing composition is just right keeps both you and your horse happy. However, completely revamping your arena footing can be costly with many competing materials to choose from. As equestrians ourselves, we know the importance of building a riding arena fit to your needs …

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Horse Arena Footing Prices

When building or modifying a horse arena, choosing the correct footing materials is one of the most important aspects. You can build a beautiful, functional indoor or outdoor arena, but if the footing is ineffective, horses and riders can get hurt. In addition to the type and quality, price is an important consideration when choosing …

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Creating Low Dust Arena Footing

The horse arena is a place where horses and riders spend a great deal of time. Many times, the horse is bored in an attached facility, meaning the air quality of the arena directly impacts the air quality your horse breathes while eating, resting, and sleeping. This closed environment creates a unique problem: sand and …

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