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Dust-Free Horse Arena Footing

Choose from top footing additives on the equestrian market to reduce or eliminate dust. Breathe easier and transform your indoor or outdoor arena at an affordable price.

A bucket of high-performance urethane sealer for dust-free horse arena footing.

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1 bucket contains 22 lbs. and covers up to 22,000 Sq. Ft.

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Change the life of your indoor or outdoor arena with our all-purpose horse arena footing additive. It’s a cost-friendly option that’s made from recycled yoga mats to reduce dust while cushioning your horse’s every step.

Dust-Free Horse Arena Footing
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Noviun™ Fiber and Elastomer Footing

The 100% organic fiber footing blended with natural elastomers to reduce dust and concussion on tracks, arenas and pens.

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Never water your arena again with ArenaGreen. This revolutionary horse footing additive is completely dust-free and saves tons of maintenance time. Spend more time riding and enjoying your horse without the hassle.

Dust-Free Horse Arena Footing
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A revolutionary equestrian footing inspired by Nike technology, setting new standards in performance and sustainability.

Take Advantage of Dust-Free Benefits and More

Dust-Free Horse Arena Footing
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  • Softens the hoof’s impact
  • Lessens the amount of dust
  • Reduces the amount of watering
  • Enjoy longer training sessions
  • Reduces compaction and lessens frequent injuries
  • Dramatically improves cushioning and energy return
  • Prevents freezing
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    Noviun™ Fiber and Elastomer Footing

  • Indoor or Outdoor Usage
  • High Water Retention
  • Dust Reduction
  • Premier Cushioning and Stability
  • All- Weather Compatible
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  • No dust
  • Eliminates the need for watering
  • Improved cushion
  • Eliminates the need for additional additives
  • Sits directly on arena base
  • Creates optimal sheer
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  • Easy install in 25lb bags
  • No specialized drag required
  • Optimal cushioning and traction for equine athletes
  • Enhances performance while ensuring safety
  • Retains moisture, reducing watering and dust
  • Indoor or outdoor use

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FoamFooting™ Noviun™ Fiber ArenaGreen™ Levitare

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Suppress Dust with Safe Footing Products

Our top dust-free footing additives naturally protect you and your horse’s respiratory health without added chemicals. They don’t contain calcium chloride, magnesium, or other common culprits that cause medical issues, such as dry hooves. You can trust our safe footing products to put you and your horse first.

Also Try Our Sand-Binding Dust Halt!

Dust Halt™ coats individual sand particles rather than clump them together, so they absorb moisture on their own.

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Dust-Free Horse Arena Footing

Dust Halt™ coats individual sand particles rather than clump them together, so they absorb moisture on their own. It’s a great companion to our premium horse footing additives for the ultimate dust suppression. Plus, it gets the job done right at a competitive price to other dust products on the market.

Our premium dust suppression product reduces arena watering needs by up to 50%. A single treatment lasts 6-12 months, so you can breathe easy and train harder in your arena. It’s eco-friendly and safe for your horses and for other riders.

Save with Dust-Free Footing

Dust-free footing products like FoamFooting™ are more affordable in the long run than dangerous suppression chemicals.

Buy yoga mat footing once to reduce dust and create smoother training sessions. Then, you can save money from not buying ineffective products over and over.

You and your horse can enjoy longer training sessions without the hassle of dust maintenance. Low-quality dust products require continuous use for minimal to no effect. However, FoamFooting™, PGT Footing, and Arena Green™ give back time naturally from footing that works.

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