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Equi Groomer – TRXC


Engineered for superior performance. The EquiGromer-TRXC has dramatically elevated arena maintenance standards. The new design incorporates all of the primary design criteria, starting with superior subsurface cutting performance and finishing without our premier floating and leveling technology, which includes industry leading depth Control System for ease of operation. Two rows of Arena Tines on2-5/8” centres provide superior subsurface preparation, a Front and Rear Leveling Bar, and a Rear Roller, with the option of a Rear Comb, comprise the features in the innovative EquiGroomer-QD. The Result: A consistent level arena every use.

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– The Performance EquiGroomer-TR is designed for tractor with a 3-PT Hitch.
– With cutting depths from 0″ to 3″ in conjunction with tines spacings of 2-5/8″ the EquiGroomer-TR offers superior subsurface preparation.
– Comes standard with a rear roller, however can be fitted with a Rear Comb if additional leveling is desired.
– Performance’s Revolutionary Depth Control System allows you to easily and quickly adjust both your grooming depth and rear roller in seconds using the Top and Side-Wind Jacks.
– The Easy-to-Read Depth Gauge shows you how deep you’re grooming, allowing you to adjust as required and re-set your groomer at the same depth every use.
– The Rear Roller is split into two sections to ensure excellent footing stabilization and reduced “roller skid” around corners.
– The Front and Rear Leveller Bars enable the groomer to float and level any surface. This system automatically adjusts to surface conditions on the fly.
– Arena Tines are laser cut from 3/8″ Hardened AR400 Steel. As the tines wear they can be repositioned downward three mount holes, dramatically increasing tine operation life. When the time comes, tines are easily replaced, simply by removing a 3/8″ bolt and a retainer clip.
– Both the Front and Rear Leveller Bars are laser cut from 3/8″ plate steel and easily replaced.
Frame is constructed from laser cut 1/4″ steel plate and 2″x2″ square tube cross braces for year of dependable service.
– The No Scuff Wall Wheel helps the operator navigate the arena and can be mounted at the front or rear on either side.
– Wide Floatation Tires are mounted on 1000lb axles with Easy-Lube hubs to ensure a long life and smooth ride.
– The EquiGroomer-TRXC is available in size of 64″.
– Durable black paint finish.


QD Model # Recommended Power Width Length
CEQG 64 – TRXC 20 – 30hp 64″ 58″


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