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Our footing products make your equestrian, commercial, residential and industrial environments stable, safe and enjoyable.

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BaseCore™ Geo-Cell

A heavy rainstorm can wipeout a driveway, path, arena, or parking pad. A collapsible geo-cell (normally a roadway or military additive) can solve this problem. For areas with poor or unstable soil, BaseCore™ eliminates further erosion and allows for immediate foot, vehicle or horse mobility, giving you peace of mind.


Geotextile Fabric

Geotextile fabric is a landscape fabric that provides ground stabilization and prevents weeds, mildew, freezing and thawing resistance and rot. Because it is lighter, less expensive, and thinner than layers of gravel, it makes financial and environmental sense to use it around your barn, stables and arenas.

Arena Dust Prevention

Arena Dust Prevention

Having an arena that it too dusty presents a unique combination of challenges to an equestrian. Not only does it create a messy arena, the added dust poses a health problem to both you and your horse.

DustHalt is a product developed to provide a safe, effective, and low-maintenance form of dust control to protect the health and happiness of horses and riders alike.

Dust-Free Horse Arena Footing

Arena Footing

Stable footing increases your riding enjoyment and reduces the annoying distractions of dust, special grooming equipment and constant watering, among other interruptions.

We have great options for footing including the easy to apply and maintain FoamFooting™ or the 100% innovative natural footing alternatives like Noviun fiber footing and the revolutionary waterless footing ArenaGreen.

Arena Drags

Arena Drags & Groomers

With regular usage, your arena can become uneven, creating a potentially hazardous surface. The footing will become depressed in the areas where the horses run and jump more frequently. This will cause your horse to underperform, or worse, cause injury.

With a drag, you can evenly distribute the materials, and dislodge materials that have bonded together.



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