No matter what the size of your horse arena looks like, maintaining a stable footing is essential to the well-being of your animals and the overall success of your operation.

One of the most crucial aspects of arena footing care is establishing a consistent arena watering system that keeps your arena surface moist and firmly packed in place, even in harsh, dry climates.

Proper Arena Watering Can Help

  • Manage dust control and improve the air quality of your riding arena
  • Prevent your arena footing from becoming loose or uneven, making it unsafe for the horse and rider
  • Enhance the confidence of your horses with a reliable foundation they’ll feel comfortable on

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune on irrigation systems to reap the rewards of good arena watering.

Here are our top 3 indoor arena watering solutions that you can implement, regardless of your budget constraints.

Garden Hose

It may seem too simple, but a heavy-duty garden hose is an easy way to provide water for your riding arena without the cost of an extensive arena watering system.

Most horse arenas include built-in garden hoses, allowing you to keep your footing fresh using a basic high-velocity spray nozzle and a bit of manpower to ensure that the entire perimeter of your arena is covered.

Of course, this option comes with a few disadvantages.

If you have a larger riding arena, it may be difficult to adequately water your footing without creating inconsistent patches along the way.

Garden Hose Pros Vs. Cons:


  • Affordable for any budget
  • Typically included in most horse stables
  • Requires only minor investments


  • Not suitable for large horse arenas
  • Watering may be inconsistent through the footing
  • Requires manual labor to cover the full perimeter

If you need a horse arena watering system but aren’t in a position to invest in commercial irrigation systems, then this simple solution can help you keep your footing moist until you have access to a better option.

Sprinkler Systems

Standard sprinkler systems are a go-to choice for every arena size, primarily due to their automation features that allow you to evenly water your footing without the cost of added labor.

The easiest way to achieve this is to invest in a tripod sprinkler stand, which can easily be found online or in most major arena supply stores. These tripods allow each arena sprinkler head to rotate a set distance periodically, avoiding over or under watering in your footing.

However, a single tripod may not provide enough coverage for large riding arenas. This could require you to set up multiple watering systems around your perimeter to ensure your footing is fully moistened.

Sprinkler System Pros Vs. Cons:


  • Easy to install with little labor
  • Equipment is affordable and readily available
  • Prevents inconsistent watering around your arena


  • May not cover the entire horse arena
  • Requires you to monitor water usage

For reliable arena watering that won’t break the bank, a sprinkler system is an easy solution that gives you consistent irrigation without all the extra work.

Overhead Sprinkler

If you’re looking for a more advanced watering solution, then investing in an overheard sprinkler for your indoor arena can help you streamline your operation and eliminate the need for hands-on labor altogether.

Often used in commercial greenhouses, these sprinkler systems can be fixed along the rafters in your arena and even include an automated device that shuts down once the watering is complete, so you never have to worry about excess water dripping down on your horses.

Most importantly, overhead sprinklers provide the evenest coverage for riding arenas, helping extend the life of your footing and maintain a steady environment for riders.

Overhead Sprinkler Pros Vs. Cons:


  • Can easily cover your entire indoor arena
  • Water automatically turns off after each session
  • Creates the most consistent watering systems


  • More expensive than other watering options
  • May require professional installation

When you’re ready to take your riding arena to the next level, an overhead sprinkler system is a great way to ensure that your footing stays perfectly moist all year round.

How To Enhance Your Watering System

Regardless of which watering system you choose for your arena, having the right footing can reduce your overall maintenance costs and give you a sturdy foundation your riders can count on.

That’s why the equestrian experts at Performance Footing specialize in helping arena owners find the best footing for their needs, including innovative Geocell technology that makes irrigation easy and efficient.

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