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Eco-Friendly Horse Keeping: 4 Ways Horse Owners Can Reduce Waste

Practicing environmentally conscious horse care can seem like a difficult task, especially when eco-friendly horse products pose a large investment for small and medium-sized equestrian business owners. Thankfully, you don’t...
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Woven Vs. Non-Woven Geotextile Fabric: Which Is Right For Your Project?

When you’re working on a new construction or landscaping project, picking the right geotextile fabric can have a huge impact on its long-term stability. Both woven and non-woven geotextile fabrics...
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Pros And Cons Of Rubber Mulch: How To Pick The Best Equestrian Arena Footing

When it comes to equestrian arena footing, it seems like there are endless options on the market. So, how can you be sure that you’re picking the best riding arena...
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Best Paddock Footing for Horses

The worst part about pasture turnouts for horse owners is fighting the constant mud struggle. Rainy seasons and springtime can quickly create mud pits in high-traffic areas, harming the living...
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Choosing the Right Outdoor Riding Arena Footing

Outdoor arenas are a worthwhile investment that span 10 to 20 years. In the end, they’ll produce far more revenue than the money you put into building them. However, you...
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7 Benefits of Installing Footing for a Horse Training Facility

When horse owners and competitive riders can train and play on a stable footing surface, they’ll come galloping into your facility. Any arena that puts equestrians first wins the largest...
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What are the Best Horse Arena Footing Additives?

You, like many equestrians, may have only just heard about footing additives. It’s easy to keep riding on your backyard arena footing and think there’s no way to improve stability....
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Arena Green: Our Top Waterless Horse Footing

You may have heard all the buzz about waterless horse footing like many equestrians and are looking for a solution to save you time. Standard moisture levels for your arena...
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How Do I Prevent Tendon Injuries in My Horses?

You may have heard stories of equestrians whose horses sustained critical tendon injuries and could not continue training. Riders had to allow their horses several months of rest before getting...
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Is Carpet Waste Horse Arena Footing Harmful?

Reliable footing is an essential aspect of your horse’s' performance and overall health. Today, several footing options are available to the equestrian community, including the prevalent carpet waste footing. Because...
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