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Footing Additives

how to evaluate arena footing

How to Evaluate Arena Footing

The task of evaluating your arena’s footing may seem like a daunting one. These short and simple steps can help ensure a healthier arena, or potentially alert you of a need to switch footing material...
how to keep outdoor arena from freezing

4 Solutions for How to Keep an Outdoor Arena from Freezing

As the seasons change, preparing your indoor and outdoor riding arenas for upcoming weather is crucial. This article will discuss how to prevent freezing in your riding arena. We will also review how to maintain...
pros and cons of rubber mulch

Pros And Cons Of Rubber Mulch: How To Pick The Best Equestrian Arena Footing

When it comes to equestrian arena footing, it seems like there are endless options on the market. So, how can you be sure that you’re picking the best riding arena footing for your needs? Today...
arena sand for horses

Arena Sand For Horses: How To Pick The Right Footing For Your Needs

When it comes to building an arena for horses, every little detail matters. This is especially true in regards to selecting the right footing materials for your foundational needs since the safety and well-being of...
arena watering system

Arena Watering System Guide: How To Preserve Your Footing On Any Budget

No matter what the size of your horse arena looks like, maintaining a stable footing is essential to the well-being of your animals and the overall success of your operation. One of the most crucial...
tax benefits horse ownership

Tax Benefits Of Horse Ownership: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’re a seasoned equine business owner or you’re just beginning your journey with horse ownership, it’s no secret that the expenses required to run a successful operation can add up fast. Now, thanks to...
waterless arena vs watering arena less

Waterless Arena vs Watering Arena Less

When developing and maintaining a horse arena, you have to balance so much. Initial cost, maintenance expenses, time requirements for repairs and maintenance, and the overall quality of the arena surface are all critical factors...
horse arena maintenance

Insights on the Fundamentals of Horse Arena Maintenance

For a horse to deliver peak performance at horse shows, a well-maintained horse arena is essential. Ideally, arenas provide horses with the right amount of cushion, good traction, and minimal dust. Apt maintenance of a...
paddock footing for horses

Best Paddock Footing for Horses

The worst part about pasture turnouts for horse owners is fighting the constant mud struggle. Rainy seasons and springtime can quickly create mud pits in high-traffic areas, harming the living environment for your horses. For...
arena footing for jumping

Horse Show Arena Footing for Jumping

Jumpers deserve top-of-the-line horse footing products when they enter your facility. As niche competitors, they require a specific riding surface that supports athletic horse movements and prevents injuries. As a discipline, jumping requires equestrians to...