As canine owners are well-aware, dog agility competitions, whether local, state or national, are fierce. Your pet must complete a timed set of fourteen to twenty obstacles while going up against other worthy competitors. From the infamous “weave poles” to jumping through tires and running up and down ramps, dogs are put to the ultimate test in terms of obedience and skill.

However, the proper dog agility arena footing is crucial to the success of your pet as well as protection from injury. If your canine friend hurts himself during training, its chances of recovery and catching up on training in time for competitions are slim. Our FoamFooting, GGT-Footing and ArenaGreen products are excellent options for dog agility owners who wish to invest in their pet’s future victory and keep them safe.

For Equestrians and Dog Agility Owners Alike

The same sensational footing and additives used for serious equestrian competitors can also be utilized by dog agility owners. During the key months of intense training of their animals, both parties are concerned about the same things: stability, durability and cushion. They have to regularly inspect their trainees for any signs of muscle tears, bruising or inflammation as well as keep track of any physical injuries that would keep them out of top shape. While the actual obstacles, warm-up routines and training times for horses and dogs may differ, FoamFooting, GGT-Footing and ArenaGreen products can help.

Benefits of Performance Footing Products

For those with outdoor dog training arenas that are afraid of a dust bowl forming, all three Performance Footing products will reduce and remove any sign of it. They can rest easy knowing their dogs do not have to face the danger of damage to their eyes while conditioning. Also, after spread onto outdoor or indoor environments, they are durable and can withstand temperatures ranging from below zero to one-hundred and fifteen.

Dogs that train on our footing and additives gain increased traction and stability so they can have more productive training sessions. Owners waste time with their dogs practicing jumps and other maneuvers on uneven, loose ground that will change the next day, which makes footing consistency key. Finally, Performance Footing products offer springy cushion that protects your furry friend’s paws and legs, preventing any future muscle tears.

The Costs of Other Options

Traditionally, dog agility training owners have utilized a variety of other footing options for their pet’s protection, but it ends up costing them more than they bargained for.

For outdoor arenas, some will turn to wood mulch due to its low cost and easy installation, but do not consider its annoying maintenance. Since wooden mulch breaks down and becomes infested with insects and mold over time, it must be removed and replaced on a yearly basis. Some kinds of mulch are even toxic to your top-of-the-line competitor.

Play sand is also suggested as a viable option for those in the dog agility community. However, sand easily clings to the fur of your pets, increasing the personal costs of your pet, from taking baths to hair cuts for matted fur. There are foam mats designed with dog agility training in mind, but these pieces run at very high prices ($17-$19 per mat).

Your Experts on Dog Agility Footing

At Performance Footing, we specialize in all things footing, whether that be horses or dogs. Equestrians and dog agility owners alike find the footing they need for their competitor’s victory at an affordable price point. We lead the Arizona market in arena materials and serve clients from across the United States.

If you would like to order any Performance Footing Products for your dog agility pet or have any questions on arena footing, we would love to help! Simply reach us by phone at 877-835-0978 or fill out our online contact form.