Whether you rake debris scattered all over a beach area or clean up your horse-riding arena, an intelligent way to go is getting a sand groomer. Stall or sand groomers are heavy units, typically tractors, where manufacturers install hand rakes. The rake does the hard labor by leveling the sand into a less dense, more permeable form.

Over time, sand in deep-bedded free stalls becomes packed, and water cannot pass through it. This can affect the comfortability of your animals, as well as the hygiene of the area. You can use a sand groomer to aerate the soil with a hand rake or skid-steer rake attached behind the groomer. Not only would this maintain a clean, aerated stall for your horses, but it would also be an investment for reliable equestrian equipment.

Sand Groomer for Arena Grooming

Aside from its usefulness in sand-free stalls, specific sand grooming equipment also finds application in regular arena maintenance. Whether in your backyard, a public facility, or somewhere else, you and your horse can always benefit from a neatly-groomed rising field.

This may require considerable time, effort, and money investments, but those labors will reap for a lifetime. There’s always a major difference between an average training facility and a well-groomed arena. A high-quality arena groomer is a top product on the equestrian market capable of accomplishing this.

Typical grooming equipment comes with a quick-attach plate that makes connecting a hand rake to the groomer easy. You may opt for a rake extender if you wish to extend the reach of the hand rake.

Effective Arena Grooming

A poorly-groomed arena can lead to terrible horse performance when animals injure themselves over uneven ground. Facility owners are affected just as much since clients will turn away from arenas that could put their canines and horses in danger. Their facility income is on the line when they do not use sand groomers.

The equestrian equipment distributes sand where the footing is depressed, dislodging materials that have bonded together over time. You want to purchase an arena groomer that is easy to use and built to last any training area.

Effective Sand Grooming

Quality is key whether you’re grooming your cow stall or looking to get a sand groomer for beach grooming. Sand groomers perform the same functions as arena groomers, except they level sand in livestock stalls and beaches rather than arenas.

To achieve effective sand grooming, ensure that the equipment is adjustable for customized use. For instance, you can extend the reach of the rake attached to your sand groomer by using a detachable rake extender.

Consider Our Sand Groomers for Your Arena

At Performance Footing, our top-notch sand groomers are ideal for successful arena, sand, and beach grooming. Many of our sanding grooming products, including the Equi Groomer-QDX, are on sale this summer at affordable prices.

To learn more about our sand groomers and compare prices, check out our Performance Drags and Groomers. You can also call us at 877.835.0878, and we would be happy to discuss your sand grooming needs.