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Arena Rake

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Engineered for Efficient and Dependable Performance. The Arena Rake, is designed to pull behind ATVs, UTVs, Garden and Compact Tractors. The Arena Rake features revolutionary Depth Control System which gives you power to control your arena depth over the entire surface. With the Easy-to Use Top-Wind Jack, adjust your Arena Rakes grooming depth in one simple movement, in a matter of seconds. Once the Depth is set the tire and tooth distance never changes. A second Side-Wind Jack controls the Arena Comb, and lets you decide the kind of finish you want, a light or deep harrow. The Result: Consistent, level ground every use.

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Ready to ride more and water less? How about water NONE? ArenaGreen is a low-maintenance footing (not an additive) that is an asset for any arena. Non-synthetic and non-oil based, it eliminates irrigation or water usage while improving consistency and traction in existing or new equestrian surfaces. ArenaGreen is made of entirely organic material, making it suitable for horses and good for the environment.

The footing requires nothing to be added and sits directly on your arena base, making it cost-effective. Completely dust-free and waterless. The result: reduced maintenance, no dust and increased performance.

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Transform your arena in hours. Reduce dust, reduce impact and injury and ride in comfort. Unlike rubber, FoamFooting ™ is hypoallergenic, does not crumble, does not contain metal pieces, and does not have the smell of rubber.

Our company, comprised of riders, instructors and product designers, knew there had to be a better solution to address the ongoing problem of dust, constant maintenance and lifeless footing. FoamFooting ™ is an easy to apply foam additive that is effective for indoor and outdoor arenas, benefiting different disciplines and geographies.

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GGT Footing

GGT Footing™

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Ready to transform your arena and have your dream riding surface? GGT-Footing™ enables your footing to maintain structure, strength, and rebound. It prevents slippage and provides high moisture retention to reduce dust.

GGT-Footing™ is a footing additive that comes in four different textile-fiber ratio blends to ensure proper solutions for various disciplines. It provides an excellent solution for your budget and the environment and is ready for use in indoor and outdoor arenas—the result: increased soundness and performance.

Bonus: GGT-Footing™ can be combined with FoamFooting™ to create a premium footing additive!

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