You, like many equestrians, may have only just heard about arena footing additives. It’s easy to keep riding on your backyard arena footing and think there’s no way to improve stability. However, footing solutions make trailering your horse to a facility whenever you want to ride a thing of the past.

Rubber is an option you might be familiar with, but there are tons of others to choose from. Eileen E. Fabian, professor of agricultural engineering at The Pennslyvania State University, says the best footing keeps sand loose while adding to its stability when riding. You need to find an additive that does this while being durable, affordable, and safe.

We think there are tons of excellent horse arena footing additives on the market. They’ll keep you from having to keep adding sand and dirt over the years. Or your horse from experiencing a career-ending injury.

Different Footing Additives

Generally, all footing products will help prevent falls and make your horse sure of every step. They will support him when he’s training, trotting, or walking. Footing additives make a load of difference with your and your partner’s dream arena.

Each product has its strengths and weaknesses that make it viable for some riding arenas but not for others. You need to consider these factors and look at your budget to determine which additive is for you.

It’s not about which footing additive is the best, but which one is best for your horse.

Geotextile/Carpet Footing

Made from recycled carpets and textiles, this footing blend reuses products that would otherwise hit the landfills. Europe imports most carpet footing, and they can assist your current fine-grain sand. This excellent additive stabilizes stand particles and retains moisture to help with drainage.

The downside to geotextile/carpet footing is that it sometimes contains harmful substances, such as lead, fluorine compounds, and phthalates. You can find them in European carpet waste, and they can cause complications later on.

The equine world still debates carpet footing’s safety, but no one denies that it is a great footing to add stability in your arena. Many companies still sell it, and it is a hot item for equestrians and horse owners.

Yoga Mat Footing

Yes, horse additives can be made out of the same material you do dog downs and chair poses on. Yoga footing adds additional comfort and cushion to every step your horse takes, preventing tendon and suspensory injuries. You can put this highly versatile product into any type of sand and base materials.

Few downsides exist with yoga mat footing except that not all discipline competitions use it. However, we’ve found that yoga footing does the job well for dressage and jumping arenas. Your horse can breathe easier with arena material that also creates dust control for around $.31 per square foot.

This footing choice may not be the Rolex or Mercedes Benz of arenas, but it’s a high-performance and cost-effective product. If you’re on a budget or want to add to your current sand with peace of mind, this is for you.

Blend Footing

Blend footing prices vary, but they run more expensive than regular rooting. It is a special mixture of geotextiles, silica, nylon, polyester fibers, and other materials that competition venues use. A lot of companies will advertise footing blends for specific disciplines like dressage and jumping.

It can be frustrating to discover that blend footing requires watering if you dislike maintenance. And it isn’t an option the average horse owner or even every competition rider is going to need. You might only need geotextile or yoga footing instead, even for indoor and outdoor discipline-specific arenas.

The FEI World Cup for dressage and jumping events uses blend footing in their arenas, and it is the premium standard for world-class arenas.

Waterless Horse Footing

This footing changes the way you build an arena for two reasons: you don’t have to water it and you don’t need arena sand. While the price shoots up to $4.50 per square foot, it is a worthwhile investment if you’re starting from scratch.

You can put it directly on your indoor or outdoor arena base without putting anything in-between, saving you time. Waterless horse footing also doesn’t freeze during the winter and is beneficial for riders in colder climates.

It’s another awesome choice for stability and durability as a footing for horse arena. Your horse can take each step with confidence. And you won’t have a massive headache about watering all the time.

Invest for Your Horse’s Best Life

Unlike other pets that only last a few years, horses can live 25-30 years. They are a part of your family and how you and your partner spend time together. You may have even grown up riding and owning horses.

They deserve to train and play in an arena that their hooves can trust. And you and your partner have earned the right to have an arena you can rely on without boarding somewhere else.

Your backyard arena should have the best quality products, depending on what your budget and needs are. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about footing additives and prices.

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