You may have heard all the buzz about waterless arena footing like many equestrians and are looking for a solution to save you time. Standard moisture levels for your arena require 200-600 gallons of water per day, which is expensive upkeep. Not to mention the high cost to install an irrigation system you don’t necessarily need.

Our staff are equestrians just like you and understand your need for water-free horse footing. However, we believe your riding arena or boarding facility should never sacrifice cushion and dust suppression in the process. That’s why we offer Arena Green, a top-performing waterless footing (not an additive) that’s eco-friendly and is your all-in-one solution, saving you time and money.

We believe this waterless arena footing is revolutionary and will change the life of your arena and the performance of your horses.

Arena Green: Your All-In-One Footing Solution

Arena Green is the perfect combination of a reliable footing safe for the environment, requires no watering, is comfortable, and halts dust. Most horse footings only provide one of these five qualities, forcing you to settle for a subpar arena.

However, our innovative waterless arena footing will forever change the way you run your facility and train your horses. Our Arena Green product will help you construct an indoor or outdoor arena that you and your clients can get excited about.

Waterless Arena Footing is a Timesaver

You will never need an irrigation system again with Arena Green! No matter where you live, you can breathe easy knowing that your footing protects your horse from lameness and injury. We prioritize their performance with a footing you don’t have to observe for watering, so you can care for who matters: your equine competitor.

Arena Green ships to your home in super sacks, so you can install it in your existing arena with an easy setup. All you do is spread them over top your arena surface/base, and it is ready to go. We believe in supplying a reliable horse footing that saves you time in use and installation.

Comfortable Footing with Dust-Suppression

No footing that reduces water is worth it for your arena if it compromises your horse’s overall health and performance. That’s why we know you’ll love Arena Green since it’s a dust-free solution with maximum comfort for their hooves. You can ensure they prevent tendon injuries so they can do their best with every training session and competition.

Safe for Your Horses and the Environment

We make this eco-friendly horse footing (again, not an additive) from 99% biorenewable carbon and is non-synthetic and non-oil-based. Arena Green footing is safe, unlike carpet waste footing, a popular option made from recycled textiles packed with harmful chemicals. We’ve tested it with our horses before selling and are confident it is the best option on the market.

Calculate Your Arena Green Need Today!

Arena Green is our one-of-a-kind waterless footing that takes the hassle out of your facility. You can use your old watering time for more important areas of your arena facility and horse’s life. Not only will your horses breathe easier with a dust-free footing, but you can relax knowing our product prioritizes the environment.

Questions about Arena Green or want to calculate how much you need to spread in your arena? Give us a call at (877).835.0878, so we can help you save more time at your facility and provide a footing that does it all! Our team is committed to lowering your water usage and putting more money back into your facility.