Whether you have an indoor or outdoor arena, making sure your footing composition is just right keeps both you and your horse happy. However, completely revamping your arena footing can be costly with many competing materials to choose from.

As equestrians ourselves, we know the importance of building a riding arena fit to your needs while also remaining cost-effective. As such, we developed a top footing additive for many arenas and conditions called FoamFooting. While there are many other rightfully fine arena additives on the market that are also effective, such as Trutex arena footing, we aim to provide a guide to locate and evaluate the best footing for your specific arena. Additionally we offer a textile and fiber footing by renowned GGT footing or a completely synthetic footing called Arena Green.

The Main Difference

When comparing Foam Footing vs Trutex Footing, the main difference is the composition of the footing— FoamFooting being a rubber foam material made from the same products they use to make yoga mats and Trutex being an industrial fabric or fiber made from carpet and other materials.

FoamFooting is a temperature resistant material that helps decrease arena dust, reduce compression, and retain its bounce for years in the future. This material is low maintenance with easy set-up: simply distribute over your arena and drag to mix well. It requires no special groomers or arena drags or extensive maintenance changes, and comes in easy to self-install 35-40 pound bags.

With FoamFooting :

  • reduce dust
  • install yourself with no special equipment
  • requires no special drag
  • does not freeze
  • as low as $94/bag

Trutex is a company also began from horse enthusiasts, and is a man-made fiber additive with different variations, that also helps with both traction and moisture retention. Trutex requires:

  • specialized equipment to install
  • specific drags to maintain
  • moisture

Footing is the Foundation of Your Arena

Choosing the correct footing for your arena is one of the most important aspects of being a responsible rider. This becomes increasingly important when you open your arena to shows and training, as you will encounter a wide range of horses, riders, and skill levels.

The enjoyment and safety of your horse rests on their ability to navigate the arena with confidence and ease in whatever discipline you most often practice. Correct footing helps with a variety of training needs such as:

  • Longer training sessions
  • Reduced dust
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Reduced injuries
  • Lower upkeep costs over time

Equestrians Supplying Equestrians

Performance Footing is a company developed and maintained by equestrians, not salespeople. With 40 years of experience riding in arena’s all over the world, we understand the importance and composition of a good area first hand. This is why Performance Footing is one of the leading purveyors of arena materials in arizona: we know what we’re doing inside and out.

Our team would love a chance to speak with you, answer your questions, and even provide a free quote. We are easy to reach, simply contact us or call directly at 877-835-0878.