Owning and operating a farm or equestrian business comes with many challenges. And in most cases, maintaining a safe, healthy environment for both your livestock and staff members can feel like a full-time job on its own. This is especially true when it comes to mud management for horses, barns, farms, and every other area where your animals may pass through.

Not only does deep mud create an eye sore on your property, but it also poses a serious threat to horse health, as well as the safety of your riders. When horses are kept in areas where organic matter has built up, they become more likely to develop something called “mud fever,” which results from bacteria infecting the hooves and other body parts.

Thankfully, learning to prevent mud on your farm doesn’t have to be complicated. In this article, we’ll walk you through the exact steps you need to take to create a mud-free horse arena, plus detailed information on the supplies you need to get started.

3 Steps To Mud Management For Barn & Arena

To eliminate mud and other debris around your property, you’ll need to take extra precautions in the areas where mud is most likely to accumulate.

Here are the 3 main areas where reducing mud should be your top priority…

High Traffic Areas

When people and animals are moving throughout your farm, it’s easy for mud and other unwanted elements to spread across the property. This can also include areas where farm vehicles are frequently traveling, which can lead to unstable pathways between buildings.

To address this, consider mapping out the most heavily trafficked areas around your barn. This will make it easier to determine the source of any muddy area, so that you can clear out your pathways accordingly.

Horse Paddocks & Stables

Next, you’ll want to look at mud control measures for the main area where excess mud can lead to serious consequences: where your animals live. This can include horse paddocks, training facilities, water troughs, and feeding areas. Without reducing mud in these areas, your horses could be at risk for developing serious illnesses as a result of dangerous bacteria.

If the mud in these areas is already out of control, you may need to find a temporary housing solution for your horses until the mud has been thoroughly cleaned out.

Runs & Turnouts

Finally, if your barn has a designated area for horse runs and turnouts, you’ll need to address any mud control issues in these areas as well. Even if you’re using natural materials like grass and dirt for your runs, having too much mud on your property can make it difficult for your horses to perform at their best. This can also create a safety concern for horse riders since a muddy area increases the chance of a riding-related injury.

That’s why it’s a good idea to consider adding extra mud prevention measures at any run entrances, allowing you to prevent mud from building up in these areas.

Mud Management For Farm Supplies

Now that you know which areas of your property need the most mud control support, it’s time to take a look at the materials you can use to eliminate mud and keep your property in top shape.

Geotextile Fabric

Before you can install a mud prevention system, it’s important to ensure that the surface area is clear and free from anything that could disrupt it over time. For this step, a non-woven geotextile fabric is the best way to keep out unwanted organic matter in the long term.

Made from polypropylene fabric, geotextile landscaping fabric is ultra-durable and penetration-proof. This helps you prevent weeds and mildew from infesting your area, while still allowing water to flow through the ground.

Most importantly, geotextile fabric is simple to install and can be easily customized to meet your project’s needs.

BaseCore GeoCell Grids

Once your geotextile fabric is in place, you can install a ground grid that’s been designed for mud control and erosion prevention. We recommend using BaseCore GeoCell, an industry leader in the soil stabilization and ground maintenance space.

These honeycomb-shaped panels do more than just provide a firm foundation for your property. They’re specially made to work with natural elements in the land, so that water and mud can be redirected without needing any complicated mud management systems.

With BaseCore GeoCell grids, you can give your property…

  • Durable and lasting soil stabilization
  • Erosion prevention that supports natural water flowing
  • Anti-slope and sink technology that keeps your area secure
  • Flood and mud prevention through perforated GeoCells
  • Guaranteed product lifespan for up to 70 years
  • Easy installation process for fast results

Where To Buy Mud Management Materials?

Bottom line? Mud management for horses doesn’t have to be complicated.

At Performance Footing, our team of horse owners and arena footing specialists has helped equestrian business owners just like you find the tools they need to create safe, healthy environments for animals and patrons alike.

We offer the largest selection of geotextile fabric, BaseCore GeoCell grid systems, and every accessory you’ll need for your installation process, which can be custom-tailored to your property’s needs.

Learn more about how our materials can help you mud-proof your farm today.