For professional equestrians, the proper equipment is key for their horse’s success. Items common to riders and horses such as saddles, reins and bridles must be of the highest quality to perform their best in competition. To those that wish to master training sessions at their at-home arena and take home state and national championship trophies, the right arena drag is crucial.

At Performance Footing, we offer the Conterra Arena Drag as a top-of-the-line option for ATV drivers looking to step up their grooming game. Not only is one of the most affordable options on the market, but it also brings consistency to your arena footing’s leveling and compaction, giving both you and your horse confidence.

Why Conterra?

When equestrians call or email us to ask “why Conterra?”, we respond “why anything else!” Just like any great arena drag, the Conterra Arena Drag for ATV’s exists to accomplish necessary tasks for competition success such as mix arena footing, smooth out high/low spots and leave a clean finish. In addition to these basic drag functions, the Conterra goes above and beyond to ensure your arena is ready for competitive use in a variety of other ways:

To Maximize Your Horse’s Performance

Horses are naturally prey animals, which means they can be unsettled by uneven footing in your arena. As they continue to train on ranging ground levels and inconsistent ground compaction, they have the tendency to tense up and lose confidence in their practice session. Riders waste precious time correcting their horses on ground that will change soon after, which destroys its maximum athletic potential.

For your competitor to feel at ease during training days and face competitions with confidence, they need to know the ground they trot on will not fail them. This is what the Conterra Arena Drag for ATV is designed to do, with two harrow tine bars moving forward to break down opposing ground and a Rear Arena Comb that creates a smooth finish. Both compaction and leveling actions are done by one arena drag that can be pulled with an ATV vehicle.

To Keep Your Horse’s Safety a Priority

Professional equestrians know that the safety of their horses determines whether they enter state and national competitions injury-free or flunk in retirement with bruises and broken bones. They do everything they can to prevent physical infirmities by careful training and make safety a priority for their competitors. Although these measures have good intentions, they are insufficient without a reliable arena drag to get grooming done right.

If a horse trods week after week on uneven or ill-compacted footing, the chances of injury skyrocket, adding on to intense training sessions that already require regular veterinary checkups. When the Conterra Arena Drag is attached to the back of your ATV and driven through your indoor or outdoor arena, footing becomes fixed so horses and riders alike can feel safe while training. From equestrians to equestrians, we understand the importance of safety and make it a priority with your Conterra purchase.

To Protect Your Horse Investment

New equestrians take their horse training with caution to protect their investments in competitions. Veteran equestrians know too-well the frustration at replacing or retiring a horse due to injury, spending more money than they anticipated. Long hour training days were repeated and riders had to build relationships and discipline with their horses all over again from the start. Both financial and time investments are protected by Performance Footing when you take the Conterra through your training arena.

Regular grooming of the footing areas every two to three days with the Conterra Arena Drag for ATV will ensure the perfect training ground for your horse to make strides in performance. Consistent places for their hooves to land during intense training sessions will strengthen their muscles rather than break them, keep them away from injury. A lot of time and money goes into breeding, training and competitions with your horse, which is why the Conterra is an excellent investment to protect your horse.

Performance Footing Performs

A DIY arena drag is not enough. At Performance Footing, our Conterra Arena Drag and other equestrian equipment always performs at the highest level. As equestrians, we know what is required for the competitive scene and make ATV drags that are durable and affordable. Our company has over 40 years time spent in arenas across the globe and have the experience necessary to help you keep your horse in shape.

The employees at Performance Footing would love the opportunity to chat with you about your ATV horse arena drags for sand need or answer any questions you may have. There are two primary methods to contact us: through our number at 877-835-0878 or through the form on our website.