Practicing environmentally conscious horse care can seem like a difficult task, especially when eco friendly horse products pose a large investment for small and medium-sized equestrian business owners.

Thankfully, you don’t have to overhaul your entire horse barn just to make more eco-friendly choices. In this article, we’ll be detailing 4 simple ways you can practice more environmentally friendly horse keeping, as well as listing our top picks for the best eco friendly horse products.

1. Try Eco-Friendly Arena Footing

One of the biggest areas where you can improve your sustainability is in your footing choices. Today, there are several affordably-priced eco-friendly arena footing options that you can choose to protect your animals and the environment at the same.

Recycled Material Footing

If you’re looking for professional-grade support for your arena, sustainable production options like foam footing are a great way to reduce waste, while still providing plenty of support for your horses. This type of footing is usually made from repurposed materials and can be purchased in bulk.

Sustainable Arena Green

Another innovative solution is called Arena Green, which is a specially premixed footing formula that prevents dust build-up and requires almost no watering. This helps you conserve water, and save money on your maintenance costs in the long term.

Natural Organic Materials

Finally, if you aren’t ready to invest in eco-friendly horse products, natural materials like hemp and coir can be used to create a footing base without relying on plastic. And while this is only recommended as a temporary solution, it can be beneficial until you’re able to budget for new arena footing.

2. Use Water Conservation Methods

Of course, using recycled plastic materials isn’t the only way to take a more environmentally friendly approach to horse care. Reducing the amount of water you use in your daily water use is essential to running an eco-friendly horse stable, and modern products have made it incredibly easy to conserve precious resources.

Some of the easiest ways to conserve water are…

  • Arena Green: As we’ve mentioned, this game-changing product is one of the only horse footing options that is completely waterless. That means you can maintain a dust-free horse barn, without spending gallons of water each day on maintenance.
  • Water Collection: If you have the time and the manpower to create your water collection system, you can easily recycle the water you use on a daily basis. This can help you streamline your operation, and reduce your daily resources at the same time.
  • Built-In Water Carts: Horse groomers are a vital tool when caring for your animals, but they can lead to lots of wasted water. By choosing a groomer with a built-in water cart, you can keep track of how much H20 you’re using on a daily basis, and adjust accordingly.

3. Practice Mud And Erosion Management

When your property is well cared for, you can spend less money and resources on repairing your arena over the long haul. That’s why practicing erosion control and proper mud management is crucial in creating an eco-friendly horse business. By using highly absorbent products like BaseCore GeoCell ground stabilization grids, you can prevent unwanted build-up from turning into a major safety and environmental hazard on your land.

4. Reduce Dust And Airborne Particles

Having an excessive amount of dust in the air can be dangerous for the health and well-being of your horses, as well as the environment around you. Creating a dust-free space, both inside and outside your horse barn, can help you and your animals breathe more easily.

For eco-friendly horse bedding that prevents dust build-up, try using natural materials like hemp. Where other types of animal bedding can irritate horses, this organic equine bedding helps prevent dust and provide them with optimal comfort at the same time.

And for your horse arena, high-quality footing materials like Arena Green or premium foam footing can be used to absorb dust in the air, all without any additional maintenance.

Where To Find Eco Friendly Horse Products?

Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly horse rugs or a more environmentally conscious footing option, Performance Footing has your needs covered.

We’ve been paving the way for innovative horse care solutions through our broad range of eco friendly horse products, and our team is here to assist you and answer any questions you may have along the way.

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